so, not a lot has happened to me these past few days. but as always, you can find me scrolling obsessively on pinterest. i'm pretty serious about pinterest, you guys. cut throat, too. if you ain't pinnin' cool shiz, i'm bouts to unfollow your ass. sorry that was harsh. i'm actually a nice person? 

anywhozies, i have been getting spring time inspired lately (as one does) and you know, thought you might wanna see what's really wowing me? 

i'm dying for the floral palazzo pants in that first picture *wipes drool off face.* i've never had quite a reaction to a pair of pants before. did i just type that for real? i am ridiculous. 

also, the girl on the skateboard? i don't know, doesn't this just make you want summer? like, i couldn't skateboard if i wanted to but this chick makes me want to. and that's a sick, cruel joke. 

everything else? it's just gorg. obvs, you guys. obvs.  

and....happy wednesday!

all images via pinterest

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