brad church has an "eclectic" style sense, one might say. it's kind of like a five year old meets random outdoorsman meets athletic enthusiast? that's my best description? over the past few weeks i have been documenting the style of brad church to share with the world. because you know, it's necessary.
brad is about comfort. and i mean c o m f o r t. i've never encountered someone so completely obsessed
 with it. there are specific things that he can't wear together on account of such comfort. but it's really far to complicated for me to even get into on this blog.
to complete a brad church closet you need the following items:

1. an unnecessarily large amount of socks (flashy ones, like stridelines or stance) and underwear (all of which better meet proper comfort standards.)
2. camo cargo shorts. uhhhh...?
3. graphic t-shirts. brad's favorites include indiana jones and manny pacquiao (filipino pride, of course.)
4. his watch. to say, "hey, i might look five but i'm mature with this watch, you see."
5. a vest + hoodies.
6. his packers jersey.
7. shoes. lots of em. especially crocs, bright ass nike frees, and skate shoes.
8. anything comfortable that possesses self-proclaimed "brad style" such as flannels, lounge shorts (?), and headbands knitted by his mother.

and there you have it folks! my boyfriend, the fashion genius.

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