our story starts with a girl who i have sat next to a couple times in one of my classes. i haven't gotten a look at her face, so i don't have any clue about what she actually looks like. but from my peripherals, i have taken note of just about everything else. she has long hair, i think. it may be light brown. she usually wears light washed jeans, a colorful sweatshirt, and the thin vans. she is always texting on her desk but never turns her phone to silent. it just buzzes violently in the quiet room. she has her screen brightness turned down so dark all the time, i wonder if she can even read what she is typing.

more important than all of those details, she has long, rounded nails that are usually painted a pastel color with big flecks of sparkle over the top. they are the kind of nails that make you cringe with curiosity. how does she eat a string cheese with those nails? doesn't the cheese get under them? cringe. how does she remove stickers from the bottoms of candles and cd cases? don't her lengthy nails just bend backwards? double cringe. when she is washing her hair, don't strands get caught on those claws? c r i n g e. 

i noticed all these things, just from a quick glance of my very keen side-eye. and then i spotted her keys in her lap. the usual gaggle of things that belong on a key chain were all there. a little metal dolphin, probably from a trip to a beach somewhere, a random array of various keys, a small rite aid key ring card...and then there it was. a tiny little white wallet-type thing hanging there from her keys.

what was that thing? and what on earth was in it? it was tiny. really tiny. like an inch by an inch tiny. i sat there, perplexed. what was in that tiny little white, leather wallet?

i thought through all of the things that it could have been. maybe she had some very important files on her camera memory card and the wallet ensured that it was attached to her at all times? maybe she was a real life member of treadstone like in the bourne movies and it held her tracker because she was too afraid to have it surgically planted in her leg? or maybe she still listened to hit clips? and stored her favorite "clips" in the tiny wallet?

and then i realized. ohh, that tiny little wallet thing has the coach pattern on it. coach is most definitely not in the market to produce cases for any of the uses as listed above so it had to be something more obvious. and then the pieces of puzzle came together, the lightbulb clicked on, the evidence was all there. the wallet, most definitely held...a tiny little nail file so she could get at those nails of hers for a sharper point.

or it was just a mirror? or i suppose it could be a picture of like, her niece or her puppy?

nah, definitely a tiny little nail file. how else would she keep those things so long and round? watch out for those string cheeses, girl. and god forbid, you stab at stickers on the bottom of a vase from ross (ross' stickers are the toughest to remove. fact.)

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