ironic picture of brad church. *please note use of ironic where it is not actually ironic. a well loved indie antic.*
i have watched more indie movies lately than i would've liked to. one random one on netflix and the other celeste and jesse forever. let's talk about said movies. 

1. first of all, both movies have really given truth to the whole "don't judge a book by it's cover" thing. i don't even remember what the first movie was called but it starred pete and jenny from the league so brad and i figured the odds were in our favor that this particular film would be funny, lighthearted, and oh! maybe remind us why love found us in the first place and how we are perfectly perfect for each other? second movie: andy samberg + rashida jones. sounds like a winning combo, ay? my roommate and i decide it is a must watch. we picked that shiz out a video store too where the options are plentiful, not just a red box people! and bam! let me just take some brownies to bed with me why don't i.

2. if you can be different in any way at all, do that. yeah, yeah being original is cool and whatever but really? do you need the dramatic build up where we don't know what's going on the entire movie and then you end it with a quirky little scene and act like nothing happened? wtf, people! i paid attention to this movie, the least you could do is help me find some small shred of meaning amidst your hipstery artistic film choices.

3. you can't trust anyone. not even major snl stars or comedic genius' (except kristen wiig, of course.) they will eventually go all artsy on you. and you're just going to be like "hey, can you just be a little more mainstream for the sake of my faith in cinema?"

4.  now stop, and look at the dark side. indie movies don't want us to be happy, i'm sure of this. they want us to see the pessimism that we prefer to ignore. i don't like this, people. not one bit. i put a lot of hope in a movie. like, there's a reason the notebook doesn't end with allie going back to her fiance. and there's a reason batman is the hero gotham wants but not the one they need (just watched it too, sorry.) 

so it's two a.m and i guess i'm done with this rant. but i mean really you guys, i would just prefer to know that everyone in the world is living a friends kinda life and every relationship has a fabulous finale that is the beginning to a beautiful world filled with bliss and chipotle burrito bowls -- oh, those two things are synonymous.

the end.

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