we will start with the confession that i spent most of my childhood as aspiring country music star. i use the term "aspiring" loosely, of couse. and even though i stopped thinking that i might have a shot at nashville after eighth grade, i have still continued to pretend that i am in music videos when i am in the privacy of my own self. and yes, i'm serious. i remember that i used to walk around my living room listing to trisha yearwood and touching table tops lightly with my hands...why is that always done is music videos? you know, the furniture graze? i was also caught in high school singing into a hair brush...in my room...in front my mirror...to a carrie underwood song...by my sister. who actually sings into hairbrushes? if you thought it was something that was only happening on clean & clear face wash commercials, you my friends, are mistaken. i also turn the radio off on drives to seattle and practice my renditions of the first cut is the deepest and baby it's you by jojo. and even just the other day i was sitting at my desk, working, and found myself pretending that i was in a chris brown music video? i was chris brown not even one of the video girls, so i don't know what it going on there.
the other day i was explaining to brad how when my lease is up at the end of the summer there is going to be a five day period before we move into our next place and my roommate and i will in "lingo." brad looked at me and asked, "do you mean limbo?" i then realized i have told a lot of people that i will be in lingo for that period of time. like, at least fifteen times i've said it. and no one has corrected me?

also, i have nothing to blog about and really nothing cool has gone on that is worth noting. this was an obligatory, i-haven't-posted-on-my-blog-in-two-weeks post. but oh! happy memorial day! sorry this post doesn't have a picture...and isn't more interesting? this was really a post for me...which i may actually be my target audience because really who reads this crap anyways?

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