a few weeks ago i did a project for my women's studies class (turns out feminism is my jammm) where i handed out free cupcakes and to get one, people had to write a compliment for themselves. i thought i would share some of my favorite because they make me smile:

"i've been working out hard core and i must say, my body is kickin!"

"you are smart and clever, and prepared to change the world!"

"i love the compassion i have for people and i love my body!"

"you are more smart and beautiful than you give yourself credit for."

"i am a strong person who never lets anything dull my sparkle. and i have awesome hair!"

"you look fabulous in that dress!"

"good job getting all your school work done this week. also - your hair cut blowing in the wind through red-square...flawless!" 

love it. what compliment would you give yourself today? here's mine:

"jenna: you rock that hippie/homeless person outfit you've got on today! you are a fashion innovator!"


happy friday!

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