if my mother was cookie, she would be a chocolate chip cookie. because it's everybody's favorite -- the neutral choice that can fare well with any crowd.

if my mother was a cake, she would be a lemon cake with marshmallow frosting. because it's the most perfect balance of the best things.

if my mother was a pie, she would be a caramel pecan pie. because even though she is hilariously nuts sometimes, (we had a whole conversation the other day about how she couldn't find her pliers) she has an abundant amount of comfort and sweetness, just when you need it.

if my mother was a doughnut, she would be a cinnamon twist. because she is the type of thing that consoles you on a bad day.

if my mother was a bread, she would be pumpkin bread. because she is always in style, no matter the season.

if my mother was a cupcake, she would be a huckleberry cupcake with cream cheese frosting. because she is fresh and classic, all at once.

if my mother was confection, she would be a meringue. because she is lighthearted and elegant.

if my mother was a baked good she would be all of these things combined into one. and it would be the best baked good you ever had. all parts sweet, loving, comforting, compassionate, and funny combined into one dish.

happy mother's day, mama. you are single best sugar lovin', cookie eatin', and cake chompin' partner- in-crime a girl could ask for.

cheers to you and all that you are. now, go have some cobbler.

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