katie- lessons from your big sis...who, really, doesn't know all that much. so pick and choose what you want to take from this, i guess.
know what weed smells like. you'll save yourself the embarrassment of commenting on that "skunky" smell at your first college party.

on that note, if you're gonna do drugs, let it be aspartame or splenda. fake sugars provide only the best kinds of highs.

just get a pair of birkenstocks already.

if a guy is wearing baller shorts, a bro tank, and boat shoes paired with a smirk on his face. just know that you'll probably like him cause you're you, and he'll probably be a huge douche. rules of thumb, you know?

also on that, if a guy is wearing a fox racing hat, write him off too. you've been down that road.

avoid the dining hall cereal bar at all costs. it is a deadly trap of carb-loaded, sugar ecstasy.

always remember where you want to end up. it's your passions where you will find success (balls, am i a chinese proverb or whattt? holla.)

make sure your leggings aren't see-through.

embrace classes that are graded on a curve.

never try to look cute at the gym. show the rest of the people how hard core you are by your paper thin t-shirts that smell like wooden drawers and sweating like a mo-fo (this might just apply to me, as i am exponentially more sweaty than you.)

and lastly, always, always remember to call pam, she cares what you had for lunch.

go get 'em sis.

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