please refer to this post and then laugh at this picture. 

so yes, i disappeared from blogland for a bit there. judging from how low my pageviews were i don't think anyone was missing me too much. pshhhh, whatever, guys. but i'm back...maybe? i don't know, we will see. my blog is in the middle of a mid-life crisis. it started as a baking blog, then went to some form of a design blog, and then sadly landed here, as home to my boring rambling on the internet. poor, blog.

but yes! what i've been up to:

bradley graduated from college (as pictured above.) i mean he graduated a few months ago, but he walked finally. so i mean, shalom to that!

average college student me for the win again! balls, slacking has never looked so good. and now i have summer for one small little week before summer quarter.

oh, i became obsessed with how i met your mother. i was originally holding back from the show because lily really irked me, ted was just insanely cheesy, and like, we get it robin, you don't ever want  to be married or have kids blah blah blah. but then, bam! just like that it sucks you in and suddenly you love all of the characters! except robin, am i the only one who thinks robin sucks?

oh! i haven't talked about my job really. but yes! i work for lulu & georgia. i manage the inventories for the site...i'm well on my way to becoming an excel goddess. check and check. but lulu & georgia is the cutest. really, though.

i became basically a hippie somehow? not really, but sort of? it's more just bohemia combined with living in bellingham combined with birkenstocks and homemade dry shampoo. i don't know, guys. more on this later. maybe.

i have been working, working, working. for real work and jenna enterprises (that's not an actual thing but damn, it should be because it has a nice ring to it, yes?)

and woo hoo! happy summer!

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