would ya look at this, folks! scenic views of the great state of washington. scenic view pictures are probably kind of whatever but i'm kind of whatever so i mean, whatever. 

but really! that water! amaze.
sun mountain in central-ish, wa

some lookout point that i don't remember what it was called...but trees! 

methow river: twisp, wa

more twisp-ness.

i was along on this trip to explore the unknown-to-me parts of my state because of my friendie marina. her family friends own this house that was a log cabin dream. 

we also visited the little town of winthrop which was a first for me so that was cuteness. 

anyways, that's my plug for washington. i know the east, the west, and i'm working on the central so please do refer to me with your washington state concerns. i also did pre-ty well in pnw history in eigth grade so, i know some stuff. but probably not actually, so maybe just wikipedia that? 

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