brad is the most ridiculous. and those are my sunglasses. but summer!

//shalom! the sun has been out and viola! summer! i have been busy with how i met your mother, summer school, how i met your mother, work, and how i met your mother. also, summer school. what, a revelation! really! it's the best! i am taking fifteen credits all in six weeks and it's still just breezy as ever! every kind of school should be summer school! more exclamation points!! other highlights...
//oh yes, so this, this is important. i've tried a lot of cupcakes in my day. like, a lot. i've read mounds of information on them (you know the usual casual reading about what makes a good cupcake, as one does) and i've experimented quite a lot with the craft. i'm not going to say i have my cupcake doctorate but i mean a masters for surezies. that was a lame sentence. anyways, brad and i tried cupcake royale finally and i had, dare i say, the best cupcake i've ever eaten. i had the dance party cupcake, which was basically glorified fun-fetti but it was everything that a cupcake should be. i would go into the analysis and dissection but rather, just know it changed my life. while i was eating said cupcake, i wouldn't stop telling brad about how it was "the best the cupcake i've ever eaten". i was close to tears at one point. oh and yes, birkenstocks for dramatic effect. 
// lake time with bradley and then with friendlies.
//cliche picture that isn't even good but i felt compelled?
//me, in a greenhouse, per usual. not.

so yes summer is dandy and how i met your mother is as well. i mean, how have i waited this long for bliss? anyways, this weekend i'm headed to coeur d'alene for one night at the lake (huzzah!) while brad does his wrestling coach thang at a summer camp.

and done! summer!

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