it's been about a week of being vegan. and really, no complaints! it's not actually that hard to cut dairy out. the hardest things that i avoid thinking about are pizza and sweets of all kinds, as those are very dear to my heart. but other than simply the thought of such dairy packed foods, it's smooth sailing. it's nice because brad is taking part in this whole thing too so i have the support. so yes, brad and i are now that couple. the ones who are on the same diet. it's not as puke worthy as it sounds. or maybe it is? it might be, i can't really tell.

anyways, i thought i would keep and update on this whole thing because...i don't know because why the hell not? and maybe there is someone who is curious and would care to know. bah. jokes. but really, to that someone who might care: here is my experience with my first week of being vegan.

// i finished reading the kind diet by alicia silverstone. loved it and cannot recommend it enough if you are looking to learn more about being vegan. i then watched clueless, as one does.

// i stocked my pantry with some new vegan/all natural/healthier staples.
         blue agave -- in sub for sugar, it's an all-natural, raw sweetener. i put it in my coffee. 
         agave & maple syrup blend -- in place of brown sugar in my daily oatmeal. 
         almond milk & soy creamer -- i always used these but hey, they are delicious.
         chia seeds -- i'm adding these where i can. they are packed full of fiber and protein. 
         earth balance butter -- a vegan alternative to butter.
all from trader joe's!
// new resources: 
        free people blog: a great series of vegan recipes. i've already tried a few. this is especially good.
        eat yourself skinny: some great vegan recipes here!
        i also order this skin care set, that is free of chemicals and shiz. it's supposed to be amazeballs.
// and also! you'd be surprised how many restaurants have vegan options! i had a delicious sandwich with vegan bacon the other day...whaaa?? 

...and that's all for this week! because, you know, sometimes you just gotta granola out. 

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