i feel like most of you just read that title and probably wanted to punch me in the face? (hi megan!) i figured as much because that is my usual response to someone who says they are a vegan. i was all great! more blue cheese for me! but if we're getting real here, i'll admit, veganism is valid. i know, i know this is making me look lame and boring and like a weird hippie but really! hear me out?

last summer i cut most meat out of my diet. i didn't really miss it. i would still eat it every now and then, but i would never cook it for myself. once i stopped eating meat, somewhere around seven unnecessary pounds that i gained from my dorm days (effing unlimited cereal, man) fell off. i have always eaten relatively healthy (for the most part...) so cutting out meat simply allowed me to focus more on eating fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and i had more room in my diet for things i love like cheese and butter. it was the perfect set up, vegetarian life wasn't really too much of a strain for me.

since limiting meat in my diet, i have become more health conscious about how our bodies use food for fuel. and most recently, i have become interested in urban gardening and growing your own food and ultimately, how our bodies use animal products. most of this, is largely the town in which i live -- a very environmentally conscious community. but i must admit, i love living a place where health is such a main focus because of this, i have started to do more research.

i have known for a while that adopting a vegan diet has been proven to be the key to living the healthiest life possible. but the problem is that holy balls i love desserts that are stuffed full of butter and sugar and milk and cream, you know? 

but i have been becoming more and more interested in trying out a vegan diet. i honestly don't think i could ever exclusively commit to it, but limiting animal products in the same way i have limited meat, is something i think i could most definitely do. 

i could go on and on about all of the ways that animal products are linked to cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, etc and of course, all of the animal treatment issues are present as well. but i'll leave that to the professionals (and i know most of my readers don't care...my mom is probably shaking her at me through this whole post thinking this is very "un-farm girl" of me...hi mom!)

so here are the resources i have used to learn more:

{documentaries on netflix}
forks over knives -- where it all started for me
vegucated -- a good background + some pretty scary factory farm scenes
fat, sick, and nearly dead -- my favorite of all, showing real life success stories

{ted talks}
weekday vegetarian -- a model that i may adopt for my practice of veganism
a guerilla gardener in south center la -- a cool story of a "ghetto gardener" 

alicia silverstone's (from clueless!) the kind diet -- i just started reading this and i'm already loving it, so much factual information to back up a vegan diet with a lot of information on the environmental impact of consuming animal products. 

oh she glows -- all vegan recipes!
fully raw kristina -- this girl is crazy but i can't stop watching?

and with that, i'm outsies.

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