let's start with the fact that i am "saving" my money. i use the quotation marks because really, how long can this last? probably until i go to costco next and oh i didn't know i needed an fifteen person tent but holy crap that's a great price! jokes, i'm a farm girl, we don't camp. anywho, the only reason i bring this up is because instead of buying my summer wardrobe, i diy-ed it via two pairs of cutoff shorts. i know this seems standard, but they are nice looking shorts, you guys. *pats self on back*

in other news, five day weekend! summer school + fourth of july, i could kiss you! i made two pies on fourth because i was trying to show off to brad's roommates. also, i was initially prepared for a coconut cream and then while browsing through my instagram feed the morning of fourth and spotting all kinds of pictures of patriotic berry pies, i was like balls, berry pie! why didn't i think of that! and then there were two pies.
 we relaxed most of day and then went to gasworks for the fireworks show. i'm sort of meh on fireworks but these things happen.
then we were off to my family's lake place in cour d'alene. the place where summer time dreams come true. 

shooters! where we saw...john elway! cray cray. brad recognized him right away, also he looks like george straight? i encouraged pam to go say "hi" to him as he attended her 6th grade sledding party, but she said no. so that's that. 
pam is quite the stoic boat driver. this wasn't even staged.
i average around six s'mores when the means are there. 

brad's mustache is so...something. but that thing needs to get gone. 

and that's it!

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