on our way to arizona to take katie to school we made a stop at the grandest of canyons, where we rode mules along the hiking trail. katie informed us that if she was going to the grand canyon she was "going to do something cool there." she has been taking horse lessons for the last year and is "cowgirl" status all of the sudden? and so thus, a mule ride was put in motion. i was apprehensive. (back story: in fifth grade i got really into horses for like, two weeks. i believed it was part of my farm girl destiny. i even imagined i would someday become rodeo princess? i rode a few times with a neighbor girl and then i was bucked off. well, the horse was galloping and i didn't know what to do so i just let go of the reins and sort of bailed. it was all very athletic. ha. but yes, i developed a fear of horses from then on.)

but i did it and quite naturally mind you. and it was actually so much fun! if you were wondering, a mule is cross between a horse and a donkey. they are very sure-footed and incredibly intelligent, you see. mules will not enter in harms way even if you tell them too (stubborn as a mule? you see?) but horses will. (what i took away from that fact: horses are idiots.) my mom and i also stopped by the hoover dam on the way back, which really sealed the deal on the 10 year old boy vacation. i should've been wearing cargo shorts, hiking boots, and yosemite national park t-shirt to really seal the deal.

and now we are at the part where you get to scroll through all the pictures, isn't that all anyone cares about anyways? and sorry for my very unsettling appearance in these photos (back story: i was washing my face with honey -- you know, as a hippie does. and then i got it in my eyes. my eyes were a disaster for three weeks and so glasses + no makeup + bright ass brand new red hair = my glam grand canyon look. and yes, i stopped washing my face with honey. and yes, i know stores sell face wash.)
just a teenage girl + her iphone + top knot + crop top at the grand canyon. like, what is more american than that?

katie wore boots and everything. 

pam's mule was annie. mine was sweetheart. and kaite's was shirley belle.

pam is the cutest.

annie was gassy and farted alllll over katie on the way back up the trail. 
it really is breathtaking. bring your inhaler. 
and we saw a herd of bison just kickin' it on the way out. katie thought they were extinct?
oh dam! sorry, i couldn't think of anything else?

and done! now i can take off my boy scout uniform. but first, a salute, to the great efforts made by president roosevelt during the new deal and all of these great attractions he created for this great land. oh, pam and i wikipedia'd the hoover dam because we didn't want to pay for a tour.  

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