*almond milk lattes are on point.
i was on vacation in arizona the past week moving my sister to college. needless to say, eating vegan is difficult when you're on a road trip and you don't want to be difficult. so, i broke. but! it was good! it gave me perspective on what kind of vegan diet i want to fully adapt and how seriously i want to take the whole process. so. i have decided to simply take the same method that i used when i was only vegetarian and apply it to vegan. i will be a faithful vegetarian always (as i was on my trip) and then i will cook and buy vegan for myself. however, if i am at a restaurant, someone else is cooking for me, or if a cupcake just sounds really, really good - i can eat it. because, you know, life is too short. i ate a grabber (ice cream sandwich from the best ice cream shop around ((all hail cougar gold cheese)) -- huckleberry ice cream is my absolute fave and i couldn't resist) and damn, sometimes dairy is just.worth.it.

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