this past week my mom and i dropped my little sister, katie, off at college in arizona. and so, naturally i somehow ended up sentimental and emotional and big sister-y about the whole thing? it's funny because katie actually drives me crazy (hi katie!) no, like literally, she gives me symptoms of a person who should be admitted to a mental institution. and in the reverse, she would most likely say the same thing about me. and no, we don't hate each other or anything - i mean, we can along really well but then it's like, "um, are you actually using my hair brush without permission *slur of swear words* and oh my god why are you wearing my underwear *more swear words...creative name calling, doors slam, mom shouts up the stairs.*" (side note: katie actually wears my underwear sometimes when all hers are dirty. like, no.) katie and i have had our differences throughout our bond of sisterhood. i am what you would call "bossy" (i use quotation marks because it somehow makes it seem like a cute and endearing quality that way?) but yes, i am bossy and a worrier and tend to think i'm right (but like, i am! just kidding?) and thus, katie's utter worst nightmare. i take the big sister role seriously. and not like in the fun hip way where you hook her up with her first wine cooler and bring her to your grade's bonfire. ha. i would never do that. i took a very liam neeson - taken kind of approach to big sisterhood. i spent a good portion of my high school years trying to break up her and her boyfriends (they remain broken up so...*pats self on back*) and trying to make her become...me? that's not as narcissistic as it sounds...i just reallllyyy thought if katie could just be exactly like me, we would be best friends forever? oh wait, that is as narcissistic as it sounds.

but really, katie is my is sister and anyone who has a sister knows that the bond is weird and complex. like, one minute she effed up your american girl doll's hair and you. are. pissed. and then the next she writes a note saying she's sorry with a scented marker and puts in under your bedroom door and the whole thing is forgotten (also, molly is the best american girl doll to ever exist and if you had samantha like, i'm kind of judging you -- sorry guys, i hate(d) samantha. it's nothing personal.)

i went mother mode when we were moving katie into her dorm. i made sure she had alllll of the unessential essentials, planned out her closet organization, and taught her to make oatmeal -- i was very serious about this. oatmeal should not be taken lightly.

i felt sad as we said goodbye to her (but i faked a sarcastic demeanor, because my sister is actually the most emotionally awkward person ever) but then we got in the car for the drive back home and for the first time (sounds terrible, but it's kind of true?) i actually wished katie was coming with us.

this is just to say that katie, you and me may not agree on most things but i really do want the best for you (why else do you think i attacked brady at your freshman homecoming? sorry brady, even though you'll never read this...) and i know that you'll make your own decisions and you'll become the person you're supposed to me...be! ;) ha. but i can't promise that i won't send texts telling you that your shorts are too short or that the guy in your picture looks douchey because c'mon people can't just change overnight ;)

and lastly if you take nothing else from me, just make your damn oatmeal because that is my proudest departure of wisdom (you guys, i really love oatmeal okay?)

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