hello! sweet petite's website is down. well, it's not really down. i am just too lazy to deal with bluehost at the moment and it needs some serious design lovin. so i am going to share a wedding i did this past weekend here because i got a new camera and my pictures of my work are now semi-legitimate? or maybe you want to hire me but you didn't know you did and now you do? marketer of the year goes to me. i did all of the desserts and the display decor. you can even buy the "love" sign in my etsy shop ;)the cupcakes were:
vanilla bean + coconut buttercream
red velvet + chocolate ganache + cream cheese frosting
dark chocolate + chocolate ganache + espresso buttercream 
vanilla bean + peanut butter buttercream
i eat these mini cupcakes like they are wheat thin crackers. one after the other while going on a light jog. you must eat while jogging to stay fueled. bruce jenner told me this first hand.
red velvet rosette and the prettiest bride. 
i threw the fringe garland on at the last minute and like, bam!
the bride ordered this cutie sign, "you are the icing on my cupcake." 
and that's the sweets!

megan and stan were married at lairmont manor (gorgeous, gorgeous venue) in bellingham. 
wedding cooridination: kooridination by krisanna
and cheers to the best couple to work with ever.

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