brad and i spent all last week in san francisco. and like, yes, i did feel like i was living a princess diaries/full house dream life. san fran, is as good as they say. we mostly ate the whole time because, duh. and of course, we did all of the necessary tourist things. also, brad and i only had one argument on the trip and it was about whether or not ugg boots are now a staple of a wardrobe. it was sort of heated at one point? anyways, fun! we had lots and lots of fun! pictures! lots and lots of pictures!
let us start with this most hilarious picture of me. like, what kind of pose is that? do i think i am a seventeen magazine model? and look how my hair blows in the breeze! ridiculous, jenna. mostly, i just wanted you to see how i strategically paired a little boy's section superman tee with a leather skirt while i model a gatorade bottle. snaps, please?


i call this: brad's christian rock band album cover. i also call this: brad wearing tiny backpack.
there's always someone who's gotta do the holding-the-building-in-my-hand picture...
these things! 

our favorite sf sights and such:
walking through neighborhoods: we liked hayes valley + marina + pacific heights
restaurants: mama's (the best pancakes i've actually ever had), susiecakes (like, i know my shiz and amaze), miette (because duh it's a dream of a bakery)


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