hey guys, i'm here. i haven't posted because i have been giving all of my best ideas to lulu & georgia, you can find my posts on their blog here! i am super excited about them, they are getting my creative juices a'flowing. oh, that title was also just so that you would read this post. but while i'm mentioning it, um, miley? and like, how cold would riding a wrecking ball naked be? so that's my thoughts on that.

in other news, my room is about to be fab-tabulous with some recent decor changes i am making and i'm also taking a class titled "teamwork" so things are okay around these parts. oh, and i was able to stream how i met your mother and finally watch the eighth season. i don't need to explain why that is good news.

i am working on giving this blog a little tlc, but in the mean time, look how cute that pink cactus is! also, my gold rings are from this amazeballs etsy shop. i was so in love i ordered five more.

ALSO, i forgot to give credit (i think) to mackenzie for the new grapefruit logo on this here site. she is the most talented so go ahead and hire her.

and that's thursday!


  1. You had be cracking up on this one! It'd be REAL cold. That's the answer to that question :)

  2. hhahahha. that's the best! Beautiful picture up top!


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