i have been slightly stressed lately. and you should know that i hate complaining about be being stressed out. i have been doing a fairly good job of keeping cool but i might be on the verge of a panic attack? (*pam reads this and calls immediately*) no, that's dramatic. but i have been getting my ass kicked by school. i am not used to this kind of grueling school environment, i usually spend most school nights working/watching netflix because you know, college is best years of your life or something? but now, i am having to spend hours learning how to code some php shiz because i thought taking programming classes was "right up my alley!" no. i knew i should've gone with upper division women's studies. now feminism, i can do. so thus, i am writing a post to remind myself to calm the eff down. i will graduate in the spring and then i can spend all of my time taking pictures of food, googling leslie knope quotes, and  other such very interesting things that i do in my spare hours. but in the mean time, i have so much to be grateful for right meow:

-- friends who are fun and caring and are genuinely there to be my bros. like this one up top, marina. she takes any and all pictures of my hands (as one does) that you may ever encounter.

-- a bradley who is actually close to breaking my heart because of his cuteness. like, gross i know -- but seriously. last night while watching parenthood (the best), he asked me if we could look at pinterest and if he could choose the category. like, please. that's adorable. also, i literally balled through every episode of parenthood in the 4th season. ugly crying. to a television dramady (that's a drama and a comedy, people). also, i'm grateful for parenthood.

-- a spring graduation date. (!!!) i'm mentioning it twice because i'm that excited. also, knock on wood for me because i might fail a class and be effed (*pam picks up the phone again...*)

-- the chance to have a job where i can do something that i love and the feeling like i'm moving towards my goals.

-- pam. everyone knows i love pam she needs no explanation.

-- nail polish.

-- trader joe's coconut cashews, because if that's not living i don't know what it is.

-- having a whole of good things to look forward too...as in it's almost eggnog latte season at starbucks, you guys. almost.

and for all of that, i am grateful.


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