whew! i made it! school is ovaaa for winter break and i am the most jolly i have ever been in my life. but now, happy holidays! and oh here is what i have been up to -- in a collection of random photos.

home for the holidays...
and chasing marge. isn't this just such a picturesque farm-child shot? i'm wearing plaid and everything.
bradley now photographs me for work and also i am narcissistic and just wanted to point out that this leopard coat is damn cute.
little babies for whom i just order the most baby-chic christmas gifts. even suri cruise will be envious.


i'm off to la on monday for work and couldn't be more excited. i've been busy picking out my most fab khloe kardash inspired airport outfit because you can't fly into lax looking anything less than kardashian offical. duh.

and that's really it.

killer presentation there, wasn't it?


  1. you look GOOOOOD. also i have and love that necklace you are wearing, despite everybody + their mom asking what the eff it is.

    1. DUDE: legit, everyone is always like "what do have on your neck?" i feel your pain.


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