i'll just start with what everyone says on new year's eve and say "my, my where does the time go?!" but for reals. 2013 went by so fast. and it was filled with all kinds of exciting stuff. i have really learned a lot about myself this year. everything from the kind of person i want to strive to be, to the relationships i want to maintain, to what shows on netflix are most suitable for my every different kind of mood. it has been a good year. i have been blessed with good friends, great opportunities, and lots of chipotle burrito bowls. it wouldn't be new year's eve if i didn't at least write out some of my resolutions so here they are:

bake more. i used to bake allll the time and blog about it. it was my most favorite hobby and due a heavy school and work load the past few months i have gotten away from it.

learn to let things go. i am a control freak and a bossy pants in most facets of my life. i want to finally make a commitment to learning how to let go of things that i cannot control.

learn how to finally do my makeup like a normal human being. (i have been watching essie button non-stop again so this is mostly the reason why this is making the list. i'm sure come february i will be back to the "meh, good enough" approach to my face. buuttt i did my bobby brown gel liner and the naked 3 pallet soooo, i'm getting pret-ty advanced here.)

stop all the shit talk. i don't consider myself a gossiper, in fact most of the time i'm too lazy to even try to care about certain drama but i have taken a good look at myself and realized that i do a good amount of shit talkin' -- it's not necessarily always in a mean-spirited way but it can make a person negative. i want to just be one of those annoyingly positive people, you know? brad church is like this and as much as it makes me want to punch him in the face sometimes, it's one of his best qualities and one that i want to learn from.

save more. i am not a frivolous spender...oh no wait, i am. i the acute ability to justify every purchase. it all started with my friend adi and i in high school. we used to blow cash on impulse buys because we both can explain to each other precisely why a given product is essential. i just need to save. that way i can buy more later. ha. consumerism!

blog more. along with baking, i have have limited time (and inspiration) to blog. someday my blog will be something much, much more exciting than these ramblings on the internet, at least i hope?

those are pretty much the big ones. along with the standard work out more, eat better, finally watch hunger games, blah blah blah.

happy new year to you all!

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  1. i lurve to bake, too. but, you're right, life gets in the way! duuude. i'll make a resolution to eat more baked goods if you make a resolution to bake more baked goods (and then photograph the results). dealsies. the rest of your list is spot on. go get em.


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