friends, it's me, jenna here. on the blog about me, jenna. i have been you know, doing "jenna things" for the past month and have thought about posting on this here blog quite a few times but then a classic "meh, i'll just browse youtube makeup tutorials" took over my will completely. but here! let's catch up!

+ i want this adorable car and i want to take out the back seats, add a small dessert case, and troll the streets with a car full of cupcakes. it's a dream i've had for many moons now. 

+ i developed a sick obsession with eco make-up this month. yes, that is as douchey as it sounds. but shit friends, i. am. obsessed! i stumbled upon ecodiva beauty via the interweb and then ordered some of their skincare products. i then moved on to make up and now i'm all self righteous about all-natural makeup. it happens. more on this later. i'll share allll the products i love.  

+ my etsy shop is on the come up! holla! lots and lots of sassy, slightly trashy, and a little bit flashy (i think this is the original holy trinity?) toppers have been shipped out this month! mostly to texas though? texas, why do you love my toppers so much? 

+ my roommates and i started hot yoga! i have only been three times but that's enough times to start saying namaste in everyday conversations right? it's great though, really. i can sweat off the three cookies i had for lunch and all is right in the world. 

+ i chopped my hair! it is the single best decision i have made this month. my hair is "unruly" which i find to be a euphemism for seriously f***ed. one time i read kate hudson say in an interview that her hair was "unruly" and i was like kate, leave the hair troubles to us mere mortals with sweaty necks and awkward frizz. i digress. yes! my hair! i'm loving it! i can actually use a straightener again with this new short do, which i am quite enjoying. 

and that's about all there is to it. does anyone really still read this blog? brooke maybe? mackenzie? hi guys. 

and now i can come balls blazin' (this is a phrase i just invented) into february, my favorite month because duh, my birthday month. to my fellow aquarius': this one is gonna be a good for us, i can tell. 


  1. brooke does! i want a picture of your hairs!

    1. good god woman you are on it! i knew i liked you. pictures of mi hair es coming much soon!


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