today, i happily jaunted out the door on a break from work to walk to starbucks and grab my last eggnog latte of the season. when i got to the shop, the holiday decor was still up, so i happily asked the barista for a non-fat eggnog latte, please (yes, i am that person who orders the non-fat eggnog and yes i understand that there is no point, but let's move on?) and she simply says, "no more eggnog." hrmph. i was bummed but nonetheless i ordered my usual cappachino and got on with it. then, instead of using a cup from her giant stack of holiday cups, she puts my drink in the regular starbucks cup. like, lady why must we kill the holidays so soon?!
i am one of those people who enjoys my starbucks out of a red holiday cup, once they are all gone for the season my spending on coffee dramatically decreases, proof that packaging works for all you marketers out there. so needless to say, i was slapped in the face today that the holidays are indeed over. i struggle with this every year. i just love christmastime and when it's all over i find myself feeling bleh. so! i have made a little inspiration board to get me excited about the new year.
** all images via lulu & georgia on pinterest**

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