i treated myself to this little cutie as a birthday gift and i am now obsessed. it's seriously the best thing i have ever owned. it's big enough for all of my crap and it just looks so chic balls.
brad got me these headphones for my birthday and i am obsessed with how stylish i look while listening to nineties country and early 2000s pop because i have impeccable music taste. 
i have always wanted to be a heel-wearing girl so naturally i bought some cheap kicks to get me started? i will probably hardly ever wear them but i am twenty one now so you know, i'll be hittin' da club? false. i will probably never hit the club. fine, i will just wear them while i watch parks and rec and knit. you don't know me! these cuties are from lulu's.
annndd another birthday gift. this leopard clutch from pam. it's perfect. i also love these leopard booties i got --- inspired by my girl brooke.

and with all that talk about materialism i am out.

happy weekend!

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