well! hello! and welcome to a new, ahem, series here on this bloglala. yes, series people! i love a good series. today i am sharing my favorite skin care of the moment. i mentioned in my last post that i was going to share this and well, you didn't ask but you shall receive! i have been obsessed with eco diva beauty lately, all of their products are natural and amazing quality. they also donate a percentage of your order to a cause of your choice, which makes me feel extra grand about my spendings. for the written record i always choose women's rights. where ma ladies at? also i am feminist and i like to tell people that. *rhyme*

i tried this kit to get me started when i first discovered eco diva and now i using only products from that line, one love organics. i am obsessed with everything about this line including the packaging -- like, c'mon it's too good. 

hokay! let's start this little ditty! here are my favorites, my routine, and why i lurve it all.
in the morning i start by washing my face. most days i use the easy does it foaming cleanser. i love this stuff, it smells like roses and it leaves my skin soft and clean, not dry. lately i have been using this dr. sponge and a couple times a week i use my clarisonic to aid in my face washing. after i've washed my face i spray the vitamin d moisture mist on my face to tone and brighten it up. it smells earthy and you know, i like that. 
under my makeup in the mornings i add a thin layer of this dream. the skin savior balm. this crap is good, folks. it smells like fresh orange peel and is super hydrating without being greasy. if you're going to buy anything, buy this.
some days, i use this exfoliant in the morning instead of the cleanser. it is loose powder and you simply add a tiny amount of water to it in your hands and it makes an awesome paste that exfoliants the crap outta 'dat face. you can also use this as a mask, double duty!
at night i take off my makeup with the cleanser and spray the toner again. instead of the balm though i dab on some of this eye cream and anti aging serum. i know that this seems excessive as i am only twenty years old but it came in the travel kit and i am obsessed with it. it smells so good and it just feels nice. also i am aiming to look like a fifteen year old forever. really though, a lady told me i looked fifteen the other day?

also! this! buy this! this deodorant is ahhmazing for those of us who sweat heavily (me) and have sensitive skin (also me, i am really quite attractive?) for real though, ever since i moved to college and experienced a slight climate difference my arm pits have been effed. really, it's actually a problem. i've tried all the deodorants that are natural but this baby does the real trick.

and there you have it! skincare as told by jenna kincaid.

what are your skincare secrets? because i am obsessed with knowing what other people use and love.


  1. Hooray for 15 year old skin! Thank you so much for spreading the Eco Diva love! We-the planet-women and your skin are all singing your praises!

    Eco Diva loves you!

  2. I actually love the OLO eye balm - it's like butter, but better, trust me. Their facewash is pretty great, too. I rotate that with Yes to Blueberries and Bliss. I like to change it up. :) Glad I found your blog - your photos are so beautiful. :)


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