i love etsy. i buy all kinds shiz from that place. i just really love the idea of supporting small businesses, especially as an etsy seller myself. i have found some thing lately that are just too good. this infinity dress from, coraline beatrix, is ahmaze. you can wear it a million ways and you can even cut the bottom if you need to hem it yourself. i am just trying to figure out if this is an item i would wear daily in the summer. i'm thinking probably yes. 
i stumbled upon the ohlululu shop and i can't even handle how cute the bras are. i am a small boobed gal who likes to keep my girls comfy, so i love bralettes. the description in some of them say there is enough padding to act as a swimsuit (er, a tanning suit) so i may just be getting me one a dem. 
trinkets! i don't know this is just pretty. 
in the summer i take it upon myself to pretend i am a bohemian goddess because, you know. so i am loving this hand chain and this agate ring

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