i'm here on a saturday night, reporting with pictures of cake, naturally. i am at my parent's house fattening up for spring break (no really all i've done is eat) and they are out tonight and everyone else is doing young people things so i'm home watching house hunters. the internet at casa la kincaid is dependent off of cell service, the cell service is about two bars, so no, i cannot watch netflix, thank you for asking. speaking of netflix, scandal! while taking a final last week, i found myself replaying scenes from scandal in my head, wondering what the in hailllll could happen next?! watch it. 

(oh god property brothers is coming on, am i the only person who is creeped out by the property brothers? like, they look like cartoons and don't even get me started on their hair. also, do they want to make out with each other because why are they always flirting?) but yes, here's a cake! my sister and i made this last weekend while she was home. it's perfectly dreamy, don't you think? this cake was just what i needed. i have had no motivation to be the baker i claim to be. i rarely cook anything up these days but this cake has got me back on track. also, sweetapolita has re-entered the blogging world once again, praise heavens hallelujah, which could also have something to do with my newfound inspiration. 

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