whew! it's been a minute! i haven't blogged in years because you know, lots of stuff just all was happening these last few months. but, i have decided that i'm back to it! because the internet will crumble and die without my obnoxious narrative clogging up more legimate website's seo. thus, an update post in order. an update on my life, of course. grab a bowl of popcorn people, it's gonna be riveting. 

we will start with brad + my trip to austin. texas was the dream that i had imagined it would be. lots of delicious food and stylish southern flair. let it be noted that brad and i actually went to austin with the intention of moving there. we have always felt that austin was our vibe. and while we loved it, it just didn't feel as "us" as we thought...full disclosure: brad thinks western style looks like silverwood theme park? that was hard for him to get past, while i love the look. anyways, we loved austin we had a great time there and would totally visit again. 
i graduated college! woot woot! here i am reppin the computer labs i sweated in everyday due to lack of windows/ventilation. being done with school is just, the best. as the dedicated student i wasn't, college was something i wanted done quick and dirty. and if you ever need me to draw you a database diagram or write some bullshit sql queries, holla ata sista. 
brad and i moved in together! after f i v e longgg years of distance we signed a lease on the cutest apartment in bellingham. we love it here. brad is working in a brewery (he brings home beer every night, so i'm not complaining) and i am twerkin' tough at lulu & georgia. we love living together and i love that we are still in my college town with all my besties. also, we got library cards and like, i see you government tax funded institutions. the library is magical! so, that's that.

and now you're pretty much up to speed! 

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